Management consultant

مشاوره مدیریت (Copy)


It is a consulting service to organization provided by trained professionals in the form of a contract (between counselor and employer). The consultants participate in the identification and analysis of the organizational issues and create
solutions and ways to improve. Consultants, who are independent and this independence mean financial, organizational, political and emotional independence toward the employer.
Edgar Schein categorizes management consultants according to the type of interaction they have with their employers into three categories:
1. the buyer expertise
Used by employers, which require a specialized and independent advice about their problem. The consultant is not expected to have a significant interaction with the employer. In fact, the employer detects his problem and the consultant is expected to provide a solution to the problem raised.
2. –patient-doctor model

in this model, the emphasis is on the use of consultant to determine the problems of the employer. Consulting with unique experiences and diagnostic skills to help the employer to identify issues of the organization.
3. consultation process Model:

In the consultation process, the consultant plays the role of facilitator. According to this model, consultant provides a methodology for employer to solve the problem and possible solutions to resolve the issues he has provided. Ultimately, this is due to the employer, who is the one to select the right solution.
In general, consultants tasks can be defined as follows:
1. to provide the necessary information to employer
2. Solve the problem of the employer
3. Recognize the problem and the need to redefine the problem of the employer
4. Provide solutions and recommendations based on the recognition
5. Contribute to the implementation of solutions
6. Create agreements to take corrective measures
7. Facilitate employer’s learning
8. permanent improvement of organizational effectiveness