strategic planning

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Strategic planning is a management tool, and its purpose is to help organizations to better and more successful work. Focus energy within the organization ensuring that members of the organization work towards goals, and track organization policies, in line with the changing environment.In short, strategic planning is a disciplined effort that results in fundamental decisions and actions, in order to change and improve the existing organizations. All of this is according to what the organization is doing and by emphasis and focus on the future of the organization.

Another reason for the need for planning in organizations is Pareto’s 20/80 rule. This rule is observed in organizations which do not have a correct structure. In fact, 80% of the orientation and the attempt of the organization, results less than 20% of expected created value.

Planning process:
1. Focus on the organization’s mission

2. Understanding its internal and external environment
3. Situation Analysis
4. The establishment of goals
5. Make strategies to achieve goals
6. Developing Action Plans
7. carry out the necessary reforms , updated to meet the objectives
8. training managers and staff
9. Procedure Documentation